Scenario: Knowledge as a Weapon

Carsten Trinitis, Anton Frank

IT can work wonders, but it can also become a weapon of war. This raises difficult moral questions, especially when it comes to choosing an employer.

Johanna is a student at a renowned university in southern Germany, where she has just defended her master’s thesis in computer science. Her thesis deals […]

Scenario: Hung Out to Dry?

Christina B. Class, Stefan Ullrich, Carsten Trinitis

Nadia and Heinz have been together since their senior year in high school. Green-with-envy friends sometimes refer to them as “a real-life dream couple.” They have two sons, aged fourteen and nine, and live in a two-bedroom apartment in a fairly big city. Nadia studied art history and […]

Scenario: I want to be spied on!

Carsten Trinitis, Debora Weber-Wulff

Kevin is a computer science student at the University of Erdingen, Germany. For the past two semesters, the Coronavirus has had him studying from home, and it’s starting to grate on his nerves. In particular, his math teacher, Katrin, is a stickler for maintaining high exam standards. While she doesn’t force […]

Scenario: Smoke & Mirrors

Stefan Ullrich, Rainer Rehak

“Are you in it for the cause or in it for yourself?” Hannah doesn’t know how to answer her housemate’s question.

“If you’re in it for the cause,” Jelena continues, “you should accept. Ethics and sustainability are right up your alley. And there’s no such thing as bad publicity!“

Hannah takes […]

Scenario: Sustainability in the Digital Marketplace

Dominik Pataky, Christina B. Class

Noah is co-founder and CTO of a small, but ambitious Startup, SmartEcoTours. The company offers environmentally sustainable vacation and excursion packages on its internet platform. Trips are curated from carefully selected partners and can be booked by clients through the platform. All packages use mostly sustainability-certified businesses and partners. The […]

Scenario: Smart Wristbands

Constanze Kurz, Stefan Ullrich

Vicky works in the IT department of a medical supply company. While the firm initially employed only a small ten-member team, it has grown tremendously in the past two years and seen a three-fold increase in staff. Vicky’s been promoted and now oversees her own team of six co-workers. She is […]

Scenario: Performance Limits

Constanze Kurz, Rainer Rehak

Frank is currently working on a health app geared toward patients and sports enthusiasts alike. The finished product will ultimately consist of his app paired with two body sensors. The app itself provides users with film clips and information packaged as a workout program, and it processes sensory input from the […]

Scenario: The Competency Gap

Rainer Rehak, Stefan Ullrich

Leo was already looking forward to her year of voluntary service, especially since it would allow her to put her tech know-how to use—as it should. But when the HR manager takes Leo on a tour of the facilities, Leo does something of a double-take: the offices of the IT department […]

Scenario: Panopticon vs. Civic Courage

Thomas Kittel, Carsten Trinitis

A Bavarian company that develops camera systems and software for video surveillance in public places is expanding its product’s functionality to include the precise localization of various sounds (for example, gunshots) using multiple microphones. A record is made of all the data captured by the microphones.

The data collected is of […]